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LES KINSOLVING is the nation's only talk show host who is also a White House correspondent, as well as a movie actor. Talkers, the trade magazine of the nation's 1,400 talk radio stations and 4,200 talk radio hosts, named Les to the top 100 ("The Heavy Hundred") each year from 1997 to 2005, with Editor Michael Harrison commenting: "Les' daring demeanor makes him dangerous to his foes and unpredictable to his audience, and that is what great radio is about. He is absolutely fearless. The Grand Inquisitor of political talk radio, it's favorite troublemaker the preeminent provocateur."

THE LES KINSOLVING SHOW, Uninhibited Radio, has been broadcast in Baltimore since 1986; and previously on KCBS San Fransisco; WWDB Philadelphia; WOR New York; WPGC-AM in Washington. He has also broadcast commentary on WAVA All-News in Washington, WOR, WPGC-AM and stations across the nation. In 2000, he became White House correspondent and talk show host for Talk Radio Network in Oregon, and two years later for WorldNetDaily, with its 6-million readers.

AS A NEWSPAPER COLUMNIST AND REPORTER before he went into broadcasting, Les was twice nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in the category of criticism or commentary, by the San Francisco Chronicle in 1972 and by the San Francisco Examiner in 1973. He and reporter Carolyn Pickering of the Indianapolis Star in 1972 broke the first major stories on the Peoples Temple of the Rev. Jim Jones -- who had Les as number two on his "hit list". Lesí weekly column was syndicated to 256 daily and weekly newspapers in 49 states and five foreign countries.

AS A WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT beginning in the last year of Richard Nixon, and now fourth in seniority, Les has questioned every president since. Sample:

  • QUESTION: "Mr. President, will your crime commission investigate Bob Woodward's televised announcement that at the Washington Post there are 40 hardened users of cocaine?... or are you inclined to sluff off here -- because this explains a lot of what goes into the Washington Post?"
  • PRESIDENT REAGAN: "You're tempting me -- almost beyond my strength!"

IN THE MOVIES: Les had one of his ribs cracked while playing a color sergeant in the filming of Pickett's Charge, for the movie Gettysburg, in 1992. He also had a speaking part as his cousin, Confederate General William Barksdale of Mississippi, in a scene with Tom Berringer and Martin Sheen. He played the Barksdale role again in the prequel movie Gods and Generals in a scene with Robert Duvall, distributed by Warner Brothers in February 2003. Les is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television & Radio Artists.

DURING HIS 14 YEARS IN THE EPISCOPAL MINISTRY Les was a vicar or rector of churches in California, Washington state, New Hampshire, Virginia, and Maryland, as well as serving on the Protestant Chaplain's staff at California's San Quentin Prison. His work in journalism has taken him to all 50 of the United States, two territories and 38 foreign countries. He is also grateful for the experience of coaching of eight boys football teams and being a U.S. Army sergeant, as well as his years in the pulpit -- for, among other things, voice enhancement. He attended Episcopal High School, The University of Pennsylvania, Johns Hopkins and the Church Divinity School of the Pacific.

LES IS MARRIED TO the former queen of her graduating class at the University of California in Berkeley, Sylvia Crockett, who, on occasion, has come on the air as "The B.D." (for "The Berkeley Democrat") to the stunned amusement of Republican listeners, and to the delight of Democrats. The Kinsolvings, have two daughters and a grandson in California and a son and two granddaughters in Manassas, Virginia. They live near Vienna, Virginia.

You can hear Les' daily 2-minute commentaries on the following stations:

WCBM Baltimore, MD

Talk Star Radio Network

WVMT Burlington, VT

KTUI Sullivan, MO

WVLY Wheeling, W. VA

WVOX Westchester, NY

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